Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos (pack of 2)

Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos (pack of 2)

Dinosaur temporary tattoos for kids! A selection of dinosaur temporary tattoos, including Ceratosaurus, Zuniceratops, Dimetrodon, Diplocaulus, Baryonyx and the might Mosasaurus!

Pack contains 2 x A6 sheets of tattoos, printed in superb full colour onto a temporary tattoo material that is skin-safe, and non-toxic.

• Simply cut out your chosen tattoo and remove the protective film
• Place onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down.
• Dampen tattoo and press down.
• Wait 30 seconds, then slide paper backer off and pat dry.
• Gently peel away to reveal your prehistoric beastie!

Removal of tattoos just requires soap and warm water.

You can also see more info on how to apply your tattoos here

Please note: I currently only ship to addresses in the United Kingdom.